We create the space for Art to inspire your soul.

What we do

Art Instruction
Art Instruction is available throughout the year for Artists ages 5 to adult.  including team building groups and special needs artists .

Many of David’s students have continued on to be successful artists and/or art instructors.  Call or email to schedule a private consultation.

Mentoring/Art Therapy
Many clients come to explore possibilities and experience breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.  Call or email to schedule a private consultation.

Original Art/Commissioned Art
Purchase and collect original art from our gallery or online shop. Commission David or one of our studio artists to create your unique idea. .  Call or email to schedule a private tour and consultation.
Senior portraits, real estate, event, family, artwork reproduction etc.  Call or email for a quote for your project.

Special Projects
Artwork Restoration, Custom Framing, Design, Computer Graphics, Appraisals, Assistance with Estates…We have a network of artists ready for the challenge!  Call or email to discuss your special project.

David Myers, BFA, MA

David believes each of us is unique and has something to say.  He clears the space for you to embrace who you are and express yourself.  He was fortunate to have mentors throughout his life who saw the best in him and believed in him.  These great mentors shaped who he is as a person, artist and certainly his approach to instruction.

He guides, coaches and mentors others to create, express and find their voice and tell their story.  Artist’s bulid a strong foundation, art skills, techniques and principles while learning to trust & express your intuition.

David’s unique, empowering approach is effective with individuals as well as teambuilding experiences for couples and groups. While David instructs artists, he also mentors and coaches clients with non-art related issues. A trained Art Therapist, David’s expertise lies in the psychological approach to creativity and productivity and he works with those with specific challenges and special needs.  

David studied fine art at Miami University, BFA ’82, and Northwestern University and California State Los Angeles, MA-Art Therapy ’94.  He’s had studios in Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles in addition to his studio and gallery in Uptown Westerville since 2002. 

story page 8 by Brandon Klein, Westerville Magazine


“When I walked into your studio a few minutes late and stressed… I had no idea that I was walking out of my head and into my spirit.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your insight, talent, and space with our staff…”

Christine Bogue

“David Myers is an amazing art coach at all stages of development…I didn’t even realize how much potential I had until I worked with him. One of the many things I appreciate about Mr. Myers is how he is able to help budding artists discover their real, buried passion and purpose, turning so so artists into captivating artists…I highly recommend that you visit David Myers and discover for yourself how he can help you become the artist of your dreams”

Mike Larson

“David is a breath of fresh air who has inspired me to pursue my love of art to a higher level of expression. He is a skilled instructor who understands and appreciates the individual needs and unique talents of each of his students. Van Gogh is noted as saying ,“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” David inspiration encourages students to paint their dreams in a way that is liberating.”

-Kathleen Norris

“This is such an amazing art studio! I’ve seriously had so many life changing breakthroughs working with David on art therapy! Highly highly recommend!”

– Lenise Sunnenberg

“…the direction David suggested for me was nothing short of a life and career changer!”

– Dale A. Miller

“My first talk with David left me impressed with his capacity to talk about life and art on a inspirational way. He knew how to guide me through my visual expressions inspiring me with his teachings, his great work and beautiful gallery.”

– Allan Diego

“I’m thankful that I found a place that I could really feel at home and grow as a person”

– Elizabeth MacLeod

“Being in his studio is a refreshing experience; one can slow down, experience what it is to think critically, allow solutions to come through the evaluation of circumstances and determine to make quality choices in life and art.”

– Katherine Benalcazar

“David has helped me get to where I want to be as an artist, not to some preordained place the world would tell you that you are supposed to be as an artist. Perhaps most importantly David has regarded me from day one as an artist, not someone who wanted to be an artist.  That respect from him has led me to respect myself and motivated me to continually strive to be the best that I can be.”

– Brian J. Morrissey

“I thoroughly cherished my experience at your studio…an unexpected, unplanned, unbridled opportunity to release…to react.  Exhilarating, soothing, humbling, inspiring, and for moments, discombobulating, the time I spent collaboratively creating is deeply appreciated.”

– Christine Boque

“David is an excellent art therapist, intuitive and understanding while counseling fellow artists.”

– Dan Euans

“David helped guide me through so many facets of myself through conversation and art…Who knew this is the life I would be leading as I incorporate my love of art and creativity with my love of helping people.”

–  Laura Emler

“My first day speaking with David left me astounded.  He really made me understand how to be myself and not allow other’s opinions to mold me.  I am more understanding of others and I thank David for helping me find my own path…”

-Trey Grabinger

“David has built much more than an Art Gallery. He listens, instructs, coaches, advises and makes the experience very personal. You can pick up a brush if you want to, but I have visited his Gallery numerous times just to sit with him for a while and talk about life. On every level I have had a positive, therapeutic experience.”

– Stephen Tooker



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