1/500 of a second…

Photographs from Westerville’s South’s “Heathers” production were recently featured on www.Playbill.com and received internet-wide attention with nearly 20,000 views.   While many complimented the photography…the photographs simply captured, in 1/500 of a second, the art of the Heathers Full Company.

As the shutter trips, in 1/500 of a second, it captures the art of so many…that moment documents the collective effort of the entire Company.  In that moment you see the art of the costume designer, the lighting director, the set designer….the actors and the choreographer.  The sound designers/technicians and the orchestra affect the shot as the music affects the actors and assists the photographer to anticipate and capture moments.   The skill, effort and talent of the technical crew as directed by the technical director is reflected in a photograph.  You can see the influence of the original writers, directors, actors…full company.  1/500 of a second represents the hours of planning and preparation by the director, creative team and Full Company.

 The photograph documents what already exists…it can’t create anything that isn’t there.  The photograph captures a beautiful moment, and represents the collective effort of the Full Company…in 1/500 of a second.

Heathers – Westerville South – Troupe 513

Director – Matthew Wolfe

Technical Director – Derrick McPeak

Choreographer – Kelsey Scott Perin

Musical Director – Emily Kirtland

See the Heathers photos and article on www.playbill.com here


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