Your headshot is often your first and sometimes only impression. Great headshots are a window to your personality and capture your unique essence in a single moment.  To make a powerful impression, a creative, original headshot is essential.

I have used a camera since early childhood and have documented the world around me.  A BFA in Fine Art certainly provided a foundation for tangible expression using various vehicles including a camera.  Life experiences contribute to our awareness and how we see the world.  My experiences as a photographer and editor for yearbooks, newspapers and various organizations have been training grounds on how to use visual images to embrace, promote and document.  

I was fortunate to have learned headshot photography from the best…Southern California talent agents Mary Crosby and Nina Blanchard while spending over a decade in Hollywood, San Diego & Los Angeles. Mary and Nina’s knowledge of using both theatrical and commercial headshots to best represent talent still apply today.  A relaxed, comfortable approach creates a setting for the talent to be themselves, to be expressive and to be their best. 

Shooting at or around our studio in Uptown Westerville provides many options to best embrace your essence and unique personality to make a great impression!

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