Art & Life

Art & Life

With gratitude & humility I share this story( p.8 ) as it so effectively illustrates my learning and experiencing the synergy of mutual support.  My mistakes are many and I have failed often. I have received an extraordinary amount of forgiveness. 

I am grateful for my mentors, friends and supporters who are many because I have needed many.  I thank those who have included me in their journey as an instructor, mentor and friend as you have fed my soul, often during my life’s most challenging times.

Adversity provides the opportunity for us to come together and experience strength in unity.  You’ve taught me to embrace and accept each other, including our differences, and laugh at every opportunity.

Special thanks to Brandon Klein & Westerville Magazine for so effectively sharing my story, Kathy Norris & Cathy Camacho for their support and contribution, as well as Silvia, Massillon & Cherish for their daily acceptance, love, & support!  

I’m a better person due to all of our shared journeys, and I am grateful. Thank you. – David

Bright Star!
The Nancy Amato Golf Classic '22



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