Brazilian Artist Allan Diego

Allan Diego currently lives in São Paulo, Brazil and visited central Ohio in 2016.  Allan has a degree in Graphic Design from Porto Alegre and is trained in typography, graffiti, acrylic painting and art foundations including 9 months of art instruction/mentoring with David Myers in his gallery in Westerville.

Design, words and original music are the keys of Allan’s work.  He has worked 10 years with advertising agencies.  Allan is responsible for the newly designed

Allan’s journey is unique…graphic design, fine art and music…are all vehicles for this kind, passionate inspiring artist.  Until Allan’s next trip to the U.S., you can enjoy Allan’s work in the upcoming exhibit, “The Art of Intuition” May 26-July 14 here at the gallery.  You will also enjoy Allan’s work every visit to this website!

“AME” 20″ x 24″, acrylic on canvas by Allan Diego
“Letters” 12″ x 16″, acrylic on canvas by Allan Diego

Through the Decades!
The Art of Intuition



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