Parkside Village Artists share their art and visit the gallery!

Creating your own work is one thing, sharing your work with others is another. These artists have incredibly unique experiences and wisdom. Their willingness to express themselves and share their work is inspiring.

“The Joy of Spring” is named in honor of a fellow Parkside Village Artist, Joye Tilton (1923-2014) who, for the last decade of her life painted passionately, expressing her love of flowers, spring and beauty. Joy worked with David Myers weekly for the last 10 years of her life. Joye’s passion, influence and inspiration is her legacy.

“The Joy of Spring” will run through Thursday, May 16th. See the Parkside Village Artists’ work as well as David’s Studio Artists’ original work, plus the very special piece “Spring Beauty” an original by Joye Tilton.

See the Joy of Spring. See the Art. Hear the stories. Be inspired.

Special Gallery Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10-5:00, Friday, 10:00-6:00 and as always, by appointment.

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