Paul Brown Tiger Stadium Celebrates 80 years –

As a young coach in his 20’s, Paul Brown had the vision to build a stadium that would one day seat over 20,000. On September 15th, 1939, Tiger Stadium opened with 21,345 seats, while the population of Massillon was 26,640.

Paul Brown’s vision came to fruition in his 8th year of his 9 year coaching career at Massillon and just before he was called to Ohio State to coach the Buckeyes and win the national championship with his 1942 team.

Tiger Stadium has long been hallowed ground for high school football, not only for the Massillon Tigers but also for OHSAA Playoffs and various All-Star games. Many Tiger fans have had season tickets passed down through their family since the stadium was built. For Tiger fans, it’s a way of life.

The great people who have a connection to this stadium are far to many to list. Whether you’ve seen a game or played there, experienced The Massillon Tiger Swing Band perform “Carry On for Massillon” or seen the Tigers break through the hoop before the Massillon – McKinley game then you’ve been inspired by the magical tradition of Paul Brown Tiger Stadium.

Renamed Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in 1976 it is still the epicenter of the Massillon community. PBTS is a testament to one man’s vision and to a community that embraces and sustains the vision. Happy 80th to Paul Brown Tiger Stadium and congratulations to the Massillon community.

Win or Lose, Massillon Always.

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